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Three things to look for when choosing a title company.

Real Estate transactions aren’t totally different from any other retail or service transactions, but the stakes are typically a lot higher, as is the sales price, and the amount of documentation that must be prepared and filed. But your mother didn’t raise a fool, and you shouldn’t discount your instincts when looking for a title insurance agent or shopping for a title insurance policy. When it comes to closing services, title searches, and land title insurance, you owe it to yourself to leave no stone unturned when looking for a provider.

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A few important things to remember when buying a new home.

Buying a home is the biggest business transaction in most people’s lives, and involves many decisions, details, and professional services. The average consumer purchases 3-5 homes in their lifetime, and most will tell you that the process is no less complicated for their last home as it was for their first.

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Here’s Why Title Insurance is One of the Best Investments You’ll Ever Make

Here's Why Title Insurance is One of the Best Investments You'll Ever Make

As closing approaches, there are many preparations to be made, and papers to sign. You can generally assume that all parties are operating in good faith, but even so, it is possible to turn up a defect when doing a title search (commonly referred to as title clouds). When that happens, the sale cannot proceed until the cloud is resolved, possibly resulting in lengthy delays and exorbitant legal fees.

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Aren’t All Closing and Title Companies the Same? In a Word, No.

Aren't All Closing and Title Companies the Same? In a Word, No.

When you’re purchasing real estate, an accepted offer is merely the first step. The following months involve a lot of paperwork, research, legal filings, and professional consultations. That’s why it’s so important to get the right professionals in your corner from the start! But do you know how to choose a title company?

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What’s the Big Deal About an Independent Title Company?

What's the Big Deal About an Independent Title Company?

Title companies serve a crucial function in the real estate transaction process. The title company, also referred to as the closing company, performs title searches, keeps track and organizes documents required for the transaction to close, escrows funds for the closing, provides commitments for title insurance, and safeguards the integrity of the closing process. If a title cloud, or defect, such as a missing signature, a tax lien, or some other problem should arise, an independent title agency will work to safeguard the interests of all parties involved, buyer, seller, and lender, and will not place the interest of any one over another.

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