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Name Title
Jim Pender Owner, President & General Legal Counsel
John Elmore Information Services Manager – Title Officer
Cindy Overstreet Administractive Assistant
Janice Clayton Escrow Officer/Assistant Manager
Lyndsey Cunningham Escrow Assistant to Janice Clayton
Melanie Logan Escrow Assistant to Janice Clayton/ Escrow Officer
Linda Reed Escrow Officer
Hollye Corbell Escrow Officer
Felicia Hollis Escrow Assistant to Hollye Corbell
Sara Beth Brennan Escrow Officer
Pam Cathey Escrow Officer
Linda Brakebill Escrow Assistant to Pam Cathey
Shea McFadden Escrow Assistant
Margie Jordan Title Department Manager/Title Officer
Gale Rush Title Officer
Casey Bone Title Officer
Brad Binns Title Officer
Danna Harris Title Officer/Policy Department
Wanda McNeill Title Officer
Kathy Barnett Title Officer
Patricha McCutcheon Title Officer
Wendy Kelly Title Officer
Hillary Boshers Escrow Assistant to Linda Reed
Charles Cromer Title Searcher
Ronnie Fehrenbach Escrow Assistant to Linda Reed
Morgan McCown Escrow Assistant to Linda Reed
Matthew McFarlin Escrow Assistant
Linda Carter Escrow Assistant
Garrett Pender Title Searcher
Steven Reed Court House Assistant
Janet Calhoun Accounting Manager
Deedee Thompson Accounting Assistant
Diane Leonardo Accounting Assistant
Karen Lee Escrow Assistant to Sara Beth Brennan
Jan Howell Receptionist