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When you’re purchasing a home or investment property, the process can be quite detailed, and usually involves a great deal of preparation. No matter how many times that you’ve been through the process, it can be confusing. That’s why it’s so important to have the right professional team in your corner.

If you have questions about the consummation of a real estate transaction, and/or the title search and insurance process, you can always count on our team of title professionals at First National Title Company. We operate 22 convenient locations throughout the State of Arkansas, all staffed with the most customer-focused agents and employees in the business. You will always be able to work with people in or near your community, and will never be forced to sit on hold waiting to talk to someone sitting in a cubicle talking on a headset overseas.We’re proud to be Arkansas’ largest independent title company, and operate independent of any ownership by a financial institution or real estate agency. We work for you!

Each time that a property is sold, it’s important to confirm that there are no title defects (commonly known as title clouds), and that the seller is the outright owner of the property. Title clouds include unpaid taxes, child support, legal judgments, and misfiled legal documents. Less commonly, there are more serious issues, such as fraud, forgery, and unknown heirs. Any clouds on the title must be resolved before the title can be transferred. Title insurance is what protects you from these title clouds.

There are two main categories of title insurance. A loan policy is a title insurance policy that protects the lender, and the policy remains active until the mortgage is released. An owner’s policy protects the owner of the property, and remains active as long as that person or persons own the home.

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