FNTC is here to help, and our agents live where you do!

Many title companies have followed a trend in either housing their land records, or even having their title examinations performed outside of the country. First National Title Company is different, we house are records right here in Arkansas, and your title examinations and real estate closings are conducted through our 25 offices throughout the State.

At First National Title, we believe that our clients are far too important to hand them off to someone who doesn’t know their community. We want our customers to be able to get their agent on the phone when they have questions and be able to review all of their closing documents face-to-face with someone in their community. We operate independently of ownership by any real estate agency or financial institution, and you can always count on us to act with your best interests at heart. We have a team of over 225 employees throughout the Natural State dedicated to providing you the best title and closing services possible.

Contact us any time you have questions about real estate closing services, title search or title insurance, or 1031 or reverse 1031 property exchanges. We will coordinate with you and all of the professionals involved in your real estate transaction to ensure that the sale is cleanly consummated and that the closing process is a smooth transaction. Our team of title professionals will perform all necessary due diligence to ensure that all documents are completed and executed on time, and that you understand all items that you’ll be signing at closing. We will also issue you a title insurance policy to help you protect your investment. Your owner’s policy will be effective for as long as you own your home, and you will be protected in the event of a title dispute. Most importantly, we believe in service after the sale and want to earn your trust and your repeat business.

If you have any questions about title insurance, contact us online, or at any of our 25 Arkansas locations listed below!