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Every home has a story, and you need to know that story before you proceed. So many things happen over the course of a home’s lifetime, and this is particularly true when it changes ownership. Sometimes researching the title history of property can take odd twists and turns. If this is the case with your property, title defects may be the result, which can greatly affect the ability to consummate the sale of the property. If the seller owes delinquent taxes, HOA dues, or unpaid child support, there could be liens on the property. These problems are commonly known as “title clouds” and they must be resolved before the title changes hands. The title search will help the purchaser identify if there are liens in place, and afford the parties to resolve the issues in order to proceed with closing.

When it comes to the title search, Arkansas homeowners have placed their trust in Our team at First National Title Company for all of their abstracting and title search needs. Our team has hundreds of combined years of experience helping home buyers and real estate investors prepare for closing, and every employee is committed to legendary customer service. We have 25 locations throughout Arkansas, and agents that live in or near your community. We don’t operate an overseas call center, and First National Title Company operates independently of ownership from any financial institution or real estate agency.

Title insurance falls into two main categories. Lenders request title insurance to protect themselves from financial losses in the event of foreclosure. For a homeowner, title insurance protects them from out of pocket legal expenses in the event of a title dispute. The owner’s policy will remain in effect as long as the purchaser owns the property, and is a must to protect your investment.

We work with a large variety of title insurance underwriters, including many of the largest underwriters in title insurance in the world. Our Underwriters include Chicago Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, First American Title Insurance Company, and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company.

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