Why it is Important to Call Us When Selling Your Home

A real estate transaction is often the most complex financial transaction people will ever experience, and that goes for both sides of the transaction, both buyer and seller. As a seller, you are responsible for the accuracy of your listing, keeping everything in good repair while awaiting an offer. And the Seller will also typically have to arrange service disconnects with the utilities and arrange their own move. All in all it can be a bit overwhelming.

But you can get help. First National Title Company (FNTC) is one of Arkansas’ leading closing service providers, and we’re here for you. In fact, if you do an Internet search for “closing companies near me,” FNTC will be one of the top returns.

Because we are Arkansas’ largest independent real estate title company, we’ve got the experience, the ability, and the people to handle any real estate transaction that comes our way. And because we’re independent, we aren’t beholden to any real estate company or broker, any lender, any bank, or any interest outside of the buyer and seller.

When working with homeowners, FNTC provides a detailed list of documents that will need to be produced before closing, and will do the necessary research to ensure the title to the real estate is clear, with no unexpected liens or encumbrances. Should anything show up, an early title search gives homeowners time to get any problems cleared up.

Selling your home may feel challenging, but when you have the right professionals in your corner, the process is easier than you think. Contact us at one of our 10 convenient Arkansas locations, and let us know how we can help!!