What are Title Clouds?

Before any real estate transaction can be consummated, the seller has to prove that he or she holds clear title to the property. If he or she owes back taxes or has any outstanding legal judgments, creditors can put liens on the property title that must be resolved before the property can be sold. In some cases, all that it takes is settling up financial obligations. But some real estate transactions can get stopped dead in their tracks by bigger problems. Title encumbrances are commonly referred to as “title clouds” because they can cast a shadow over the closing.

First National Title (FNT) is Arkansas’ largest independent title company, and we have 26 locations to serve you located throughout The Natural State. We operate independently of ownership by a financial institution or a real estate agency, and we always put our clients first! You’ll always get to work with a local agent in or near your community, and we’ll make sure you’re prepared for closing.

Once you submit your executed real estate contract to us, our team of title researchers will get to work to ensure that the title is free from defects so that you can approach closing with confidence. Once your real estate closing has been completed, and we’ve confirmed that the title is clear, our next step will be to write a title insurance policy to help you protect your investment.

Most title clouds are easy to resolve, and a motivated seller will happily settle outstanding debts in order to successfully complete a property sale. But some property titles have bigger problems such as falsified paperwork or unknown heirs who have a legitimate claim to the property. We’ll leave no stone unturned to make sure that the title is clean, and make sure that you can enjoy true peace of mind when you move into your new home. Your title insurance policy will be effective for as long as you own your home, and it protects you in the event of a future title dispute.

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