We’re here to help you make a smooth and hassle-free land purchase!

There are many great reasons to invest in land, including saving money on taxes, speculating on undeveloped properties, and protecting your long-term wealth. Whatever the reason, it’s important to have the right professionals in your corner to help you consummate the sale. First National Title (FNT) has 25 locations to serve you throughout the Natural State, and we’re just a phone call away when you’re ready to start preparing for a smooth and easy closing on your real estate purchase!

Undeveloped land can be an excellent “hands-off” investment that usually doesn’t depreciate and may not require any maintenance, and our team of professionals has the experience and expertise to help you close on your land purchase. FNT operates independently of ownership by any real estate agency or financial institution, and you’ll always be able to work face-to-face with a local agent in or near your community. Contact us as soon as your property is under contract, and our title and escrow professionals will go to work to ensure that the property title is free from encumbrances and organize the transaction in preparation for closing. A lot can happen over the lifetime of a property, and the owner has to demonstrate clear ownership before the title can change hands. Clearing title encumbrances may include satisfying liens from creditors against the property title, or resolving more serious problems such as fraud or forgery and unknown heirs with a legitimate claim on the property.

Once our title search is complete and we’ve confirmed that the title is free from encumbrances, and once the closing of the transaction has been completed, we will issue you a title insurance policy that will be effective for as long as you own the property. We offer title insurance products through highly rated underwriters, including First American Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land and Title Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. Your title insurance policy protects your investment and enables you to proceed with your land purchase with confidence. In the unlikely event of a future title dispute, your owner’s title insurance policy will protect you.

If you have any questions about closing or title insurance, Contact us online or at any of our 26 convenient Arkansas locations listed below!