Top 5 Reasons to Select an Independent Title Agency

As an independent title agency, First National Title Company does not have to answer to any banks or realty companies. A truly independent closing agency guarantees that your transactions will go smoothly and give you a whole new level of peace of mind. Read more to see the top five reasons to choose an independent title company…

1 Customer Service In the day and age of outsourcing work to the eastern hemisphere, much is lost in the way of customer service and satisfaction. FNTC does not outsource work and we like to keep the money in Arkansas.

2 Competency With hundreds of years of combined experience amongst our staff, our expertise and competency is unmatched in Arkansas.

3 Independent Representation A very important concept when it comes to independent title agencies is that you shouldn’t hire a fox to guard the hen house. We don’t favor lenders or realtors, and give you a fully independent representation throughout the closing process.

4 Quality of Work Often overlooked, not all title companies are the same. FNTC is attorney owned and operated with a staff of experienced and tenured professionals to add a whole new level of quality to the closing process. We avoid mistakes by sniffing out the details that others may miss. Enjoy peace of mind during the most critical part of your transaction.

5 No Conflicts of Interest Title companies owned by banks or realty companies will often charge more to increase their profits. As an independent agency, we pass savings on to all of our clients by keeping your interests ahead of our own.

If you’re looking for a helping hand in the closing process, need help with a 1031 transaction, abstracting, or title insurance, you’ve found the right help. We’re locally owned an operated right here in Arkansas. Please or call one of our local branches listed below or contact us on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!