Our title researchers are here to help you protect your investment!

First National Title (FNT) is Arkansas’ largest independent title insurance company, and we operate independently of ownership by a financial institution or real estate agency. You can always count on legendary service from our title agents and escrow officers and staff, and we live and work in your communities! We take pride in offering our clients the personal touch, and you’ll always get to work with a local agent at any of 26 Arkansas locations.

After you’ve found the perfect home and your offer has been accepted, the property will be under contract until closing. This is the time when you’ll need to have the property inspected and several other necessary tasks will need to be completed in order to consummate the sale. Our team of title researchers will also get to work to ensure that the title is clear from encumbrances, commonly known as “title clouds.” The property owner must demonstrate clear ownership of the property before the title can be transferred, but if he or she has unsettled debts or legal judgments there might be liens in place.

Title clouds cast a shadow over the closing, and can include delinquent taxes, child support, HOA dues, and legal judgments. In some cases, there might have been fraud or forgery. If a homeowner dies without leaving a will, there might also be unknown heirs with a legitimate claim to the property. Once we’re confident that the seller holds clear title to the property, we’ll issue you a title insurance policy that will be effective for as long as you own the home. In the event of a title dispute, your title insurance will protect you. We’ll also make sure that you understand all of the documents that you’ll sign at closing so that you’ll be knowledgeable about the property you have purchased.

Whether you’re purchasing your first home or your “forever home,” we have a team of 250 employees in The Natural State that are standing by to get to work for you. We take pride in creating lifetime relationships with our clients, and our commitment to professionalism and service is second to none!

If you have any questions, Contact us online, or at any of our Arkansas locations listed below!