Market Is Ripe for Selling Land: Close Your Deal Successfully with Expert Land Title Services

The current real estate market is increasingly turning toward investment in potential cash-flowing properties – and your raw land may exhibit great potential for buyers.

If you’re interested in selling land, you already have the advantage of a ripe market. However, investors are looking for specific characteristics when seeking out new opportunities.

Market Is Ripe for Selling Land

  • Location: If you haven’t already, get your land surveyed to confirm the exact area before listing. Local planning and zoning officials can help identify setbacks, lot dimensions, building area, and zoning.
  • Cost: It is crucial to set a reasonable price, particularly if you want to sell quickly. Consider lot size and utilities available or needed. For instance, would your land require sewage system installation?
  • Comparable Values: Research the prices at which other land properties in your area were sold recently. This will help determine a reasonable asking price.

    In addition, it’s important to understand why professional land title services, like those provided by First National Title Company (FNTC), are necessary to ensure a smooth transaction.

  • Generally, when selling your land, you want a buyer to have financing secured before a purchase agreement is submitted. If you have to choose between offers, you may even opt for the cleanest (i.e., no contingences, financing pre-arranged) offer over a higher one.
  • Closings are usually handled by a title company, such as FNTC. FNTC is an independent title company that has vast experience with real estate transaction services, including title examinations, closing services, and title insurance policies.
  • At closing, the buyer provides payment (which may be through financing), and the buyer receives deed (generally a Warranty Deed) transferring ownership. A closing statement detailing all financial aspects of the transaction is also provided at closing.
  • Finally, the title company will take care of recording the deed, and all other necessary documents at the county courthouse, to consummate the sale.

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