How to expedite closing in three easy steps

Buying or selling a home isn’t exactly a deal that you can close with a cup of coffee and a handshake. The property has to be inspected, financing (if applicable) has to be secured, and often there are several additional issues to be resolved and documents to be drafted, executed, and recorded. Choosing the right property is often a lengthy and challenging process, but once the property is under contract, much work remains to be done!

First National Title Company has been offering real estate closing services for over two decades, and we take pride in being Arkansas’ largest independent title and closing company. FNTC is locally owned and is not owned by a financial institution or a real estate agency. We have 22 convenient locations throughout Arkansas, and you will always get to speak to a real live agent who lives in or near your community. Many title companies are shipping their jobs overseas to decrease their costs, but when you’re a FNTC client, you can rest assured that we do the work, right here in Arkansas! As you prepare for a closing, we recommend keeping a few things in mind:

When picking a date for your closing, avoid the end of the month-Scheduling your closing date near the end of the month may create an issue as this is by far and away the most popular time to close, and your preferred time slot may, or may not be available. Accordingly, if convenience to you is important, a closing earlier in the month will afford you more flexibility.

Approach closing properly informed-You’re going to be signing a lot of very important documents at closing, and you owe it to yourself to make sure that you understand them all. Your realtor, lender, and title professionals will explain these documents to you, and you should ask them as many questions as you need to.

Bring a cashier’s check from a local bank to closing-There are certainly some advantages to dealing with an online lender, but what you won’t have is local accountability. Wire transfers are becoming increasingly susceptible to cyber fraud, and if you use this method of payment, make absolutely certain that you verify any instructions with your closing agent via a telephone number that you know is authentic.

If you have any questions, contact us online, or at any of our 22 locations listed below!