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Your Title Examination: Along with the Key to Your New Home, Don’t Forget the Key to Financial Security

Your Title Examination: Along with the Key to Your New Home, Don't Forget the Key to Financial Security

A very important concept to understand as part of home ownership is the importance of home title insurance. An owner’s title policy protects the buyer, as opposed to lender’s title insurance. As the name implies, the latter provides coverage only to the lender. If a title’s chain of ownership is challenged this difference can be a very significant distinction.

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Market Is Ripe for Selling Land: Close Your Deal Successfully with Expert Land Title Services

The current real estate market is increasingly turning toward investment in potential cash-flowing properties – and your raw land may exhibit great potential for buyers.

If you’re interested in selling land, you already have the advantage of a ripe market. However, investors are looking for specific characteristics when seeking out new opportunities.

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The Title Insurance Process: What You Need to Know

Because there are so many decisions to make when purchasing a home, some parts of the process may seem confusing. This confusion is especially evident when it comes to the intricacies of title insurance.

First National Title Company (FNTC) takes the mystery out of the title search and insurance. Both are always recommended before closing on real estate. With attention to detail and professionalism, FNTC guides our clients from purchase agreement to closing.

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Let First National Title Company Guide You to a Smooth Property Closing

While there are people that decide to go it alone through online services when buying or selling real estate, experts caution against a completely solo act.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to find a potential buyer – often no easy feat – it is wise to then hand over the reins to a closing company. Reputable firms like First National Title Company (FNTC) can handle all of your title, closing and escrow services.

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Title Insurance Coverage Protects Your Most Valuable Asset

We purchase insurance policies for our health, vehicles, jewelry, and other valuables – all in an effort to protect against unforeseen circumstances. And since the most valuable asset many people own is their home, insuring it is perhaps one of the most important steps when closing the deal on your property.

Title insurance companies like First National Title Company (FNTC), as an agent for several national underwriters, can issue your policy. In fact, our experienced staff of closers and title examiners will guide you through every step of your real estate transaction in a prompt, professional, and accurate manner. This includes title searches and escrow closing services.

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