Five Tips to Prepare for Closing

Congratulations! You found the perfect new home, and they accepted your offer. You’ve completed the home inspection, secured financing, and the only thing left is to set the closing date. It’s an exciting time, but also one that many approach anxiously.

At First National Title Company, we’re here to take the worry out of closing. Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure a smooth experience:

1. Schedule your date carefully

There are many things that must come together before closing, and you need time to prepare. If you’re renting, you should time your closing with the end of your lease. You also need to switch over utilities, arrange for the movers, and schedule the contractors. Experts suggest scheduling closing on a date that is not the same date that you plan to move. With this plan, if there are last minute issues, you should have time to resolve them.

2. Review documents in advance

Be sure to review all closing documents ahead of time, and feel free to call your closing agent if you have any questions.

3. Do a final walk through

On the day before you close, be sure to take a look around and confirm that all of the agreed on maintenance has been done, and everything’s ready. Once you’re handed the keys, it’s your home, and you don’t want any surprises.

4. Have the down payment in hand

You will be required to have good funds for your portion of the purchase price at closing and this involves either a cashier’s check or wired funds from your personal account. Also, be sure that your lender is reputable and accountable.

5. Keep the whole day free

The process of closing is typically pretty quick, but don’t try to do it on your lunch break. Small issues frequently arise, and you may only have a few hours to address them. Closing on a new home is a major life event, and you should give it your undivided attention.

The important thing to remember about closing is that you don’t have to go through the process on your own. FNTC has 9 convenient locations throughout Arkansas to serve you, so contact us any time and let us know how we can help!