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Four Reasons Why Title Insurance is Important

You’ve looked at several properties, and finally found the perfect one. All that’s left is to make the offer, and prepare for closing. Unfortunately, the seller may not always be in a position to sell, due to problems commonly known as “title clouds.” That’s why it’s important to buy title insurance. Without it, you could find yourself facing lengthy delays and exorbitant legal fees. Most title companies offer title insurance, but you’re probably wondering “with all of these title companies near me, which one can I trust?”

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Three Things to Know When Refinancing Your Home

There are a number of reasons to consider refinancing your home. But, just like financing, re-financing is a complex transaction, so it pays to know exactly what you’re getting into. Here are three important things to keep in mind when you consider refinancing:

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Why it is Important to Call Us When Selling Your Home

Partner with Thriving, Local Company for Superior Title Services in Northwest Arkansas

A real estate transaction is often the most complex financial transaction people will ever experience, and that goes for both sides of the transaction, both buyer and seller. As a seller, you are responsible for the accuracy of your listing, keeping everything in good repair while awaiting an offer. And the Seller will also typically have to arrange service disconnects with the utilities and arrange their own move. All in all it can be a bit overwhelming.

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1031 Transactions: What to Know

Frequently, one must sell an existing property so that a new one can be purchased. However, did you know that when this swap occurs, one may be able to save money on taxes? It’s called a 1031 property exchange, and it can lead to significant savings in the event of a direct swap of non-homestead properties or the purchase of a replacement property a short time after a sale.

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Closing on Your New Home Soon? Read This First!

Whether you’re buying your first home or your last home, the period between an accepted offer and closing can be overwhelming. With all of the document gathering, scheduling, and moving arrangements, the thought of missing a detail is frightening!

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